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In construement, the Reapplication of Due Process on Border Smuggling, was noted. The Texas State Border Task Force, under the orders of Rick Perry confirmed that in all administrative clause - Lethal Force would be applied within a 200 mile southward mesh layer into Mexico. Based on the 10,000 Unit Iowa / Idaho US Air Force Coordinated Plow-Sow Bombing of Cocaine Fields in Colombia and Venezuela, all force would be utilized. Per the losses of Idaho and Iowa Units in Mexico and Colombia, the Christian Extremists component of US AF and INT NATO China would form a tertiary edge to ensure bombing raids of Cocaine Fields would work with Innocent Warning Flags - to ensure Tobacco could be grown after the 100 foot depth cleaning of land occurred. The technology involved Cluster Integrated Penetrative Mechanism, designed in Russia by Levi Luchenovik.
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